BeeQ Salon & Spa

Our Services


Bang Trim $15 +
Women's Haircut $60 +
Men's Haircut $40 +
Kids over the age of 10 $40 - $60 +
Blow outs includes heat tools $45 - $80 +
Updo Style $75 +
Bridal $150 +
Single Color Application $100 +
Partial Highlight $150 +
Full Highlight $200 +
Bleach and Tone $150 +
Highlight + Color Application $200 +
Color Correction $250 +
"The Works" $300 +

A premium service that includes balayage/ foilyage, babylights and lived in roots.

Toning $35 +

For existing color clients only. Includes blonde toning or base break: $45 (No blow dry)

Hair Relaxer $150 +
Keratin Treatment $275 +
Scalp Milbon Treatment $50 (No blow dry)
Smooth Milbon Treatment $50 (No blow dry)
Fine Hair Milbon Treatment $50 (No blow dry)
Moisture Hair Milbon Treatment $50 (No blow dry)

*No hair extensions or perms are available at this time. Please check back with us!

Artificial Nails

Gel Full Set $50 +
Gel Fill In $35 +
Pink & White Full Set $70
Pink & White Fill In $50
Ombre Full Set $65 +

Dipping Powder is very similar to acrylic nails. Dipping Powder creates an acrylic nail-like effect that is lightweight and appear more natural. We offer over 200 colors with dipping powders.

Dipping Powder Natural Set $45
Dipping Ombre Set $65
Dipping Powder Pink & White $60
Dipping Marble Set $65
Add On Nail Extensions $20
Soak Off Previous Dipping Powder Set $10
Soak Off Only $20

Natural Nails

Classic Manicure $25
Classic Pedicure $35
Classic Mani & Pedi $60
Collagen Spa Manicure $30
Collagen Spa Pedicure $55
Collagen Spa Mani & Pedi $85
No Chip Shellac Mani $35
No Chip Shellac Pedicure $50
No Chip Mani & Pedi $85
Jelly Pedicure $50
Volcano Spa Pedicure $55
Cleopatra Spa Pedicure $55
French Tips (Hands & Toes) $5 +

Additional Services

Paraffin for Hand or Feet $20
Nail Design $3 +
Polish Change – Regular (hand) $15
Polish Change – Regular (feet) $20
Shellac Polish Change (hand) $25

No Soak Off

Shellac Polish Change (feet) $30

No Soak Off

Shellac Off $10
Acrylic/ Dip Soak Off $20
Nail Repair $5 +

* Please call if you have any questions about our exact prices on any service.

* Prices may vary depending on which technician is performing your service, however, most technicians charge the fixed price that you see on our website.

Waxing Services

Soft wax is a gentle, warm wax that removes hair quickly and effortlessly using paper strips. It is safe and effective for almost any skin type.
Hard wax is a non-paper hair removal treatment for those with sensitive skin, or for sensitive areas of the body.

Face Waxing Services

Eyebrow Arch $18
Upper Lip $10
Chin $10 +
Face $35
Nose $15
Ears $12

Body Wax Services

Underarm $20
Chest $15 +
Arms $40
Half Arm $25
Stomach $10
Back $40 +
Shoulders $25 +
Full Legs $60 +
Lower Legs $35 +
Bikini $35 +
Brazilian for Women $60
Brazilian for Men $70 +


- Waxing cannot be performed if you are using or taking Accutane, Retin A, Renova, Differin or any other types of acne medications, please advise our esthetician if you are using any of the listed creams/medication.

- Waxing cannot be performed on sunburned skin.

- One should wait a minimum of 7 days before waxing after a light chemical peel or microdermabrasion.

- Facial waxing cannot be performed if you have had laser skin treatments within the past year or if you have had a physician-administered peel within the past 2 years.

- BeeQ Salon & Spa and its affiliates are not responsible/liable for any damages/burns or discomfort from waxing.

- BeeQ Salon & Spa and its affiliates are not responsible/liable for any skin conditions that are not disclosed or made aware of to the esthetician prior to/during or at the end of the waxing treatment.

- We value you as a client and we would like to take every necessary precaution to provide you with safe and outstanding results!



Our skin care specialists can address dry, mature, environmentally damaged, sensitive or acne prone skin. Our ninety-minute signature facial includes treatment of the décolleté and neck. You will emerge cleansed, hydrated and radiant.

Mini Facial (35 mins) $45
Customized Facial (60 mins) $80
Customized Facial with Back Treatment (90 mins) $120
Arctic Berry Peptide Treatment for Acne Prone Skin (60 mins) $90
Add on Dermaplaning with customized Facial $49 and UP
Add on Dermaplaning with customized Facial $29

Add on Corrective Skincare Facial Peel

Your skincare specialist will select the appropriate corrective peel to effectively exfoliate your skin and accelerate the renewal of cells. These treatments address fine lines, surface age spots and acne.

Add to Any Signature Facial $15 & up

Eyelash Extensions

Full Glamour Lashes Set $245

The Full Glamour set achieves maximum volume using a strand-to-strand application. Every single natural strand is coated to create a truly enviable appearance. Depending on the type of lash extension selected, this look can be soft and feathery or intense and dramatic. For this set, we apply anywhere between 95-120 lashes. This is determined by the availability of your natural lashes.

Natural Glam Set $199

The Natural Glam set is ideal for the client who wants a noticeable look without it being too dramatic. 80 individual strands per eye are applied throughout the lash line to give an effortlessly alluring look. 

Starter Set for Introductory Price

Starter Set $150

The starter set is perfect for those that are looking for a natural look.

60 individual strands are applied per eye.

Bombshell Lashes $299

The bombshell set is perfect for those that love drama. Unlike the traditional application, not one strand is applied per lash but anywhere between 3 to 6 strands are applied per lash. With this volumizing technique lash extensions that are finer than the norm are applied to create a soft, dark, feathery, mink-like appearance. This 3-6D method is the ultimate option to give you that bombshell appearance without causing strain on the natural lash.

Volume Lash Touch Up $110

Volume lashes hold really well because of their extremely light weight and flexibility. However, the extensions will grow out, therefore the removal and replacements are made at this time.

Eyebrow Extensions $120

Eyebrow Extensions are temporary extensions for those looking to thicken their eyebrows for a more natural filled in look. No, fill necessary as a new set will be required after wear.

Temporary Glamorous Cluster Eyelashes (New Set) $50

This is an eyelash extension service where a small cluster of 4-10 lashes are used to create a glamorous set with a natural amount of length & volume. Your temporary eyelash extensions will last up to 3 weeks depending on the care you provide for them. There is no fill that is needed as a new set is required after wear.

Colored Eyelash Extensions $160

Colored eyelash extensions are a new and exciting way to draw attention to your eyes and make a statement about your unique personality. But what color should you choose? BeeQ offers a choice of red, pink, purple, green, and blue shades of lashes. Have fun with this look!

Refill $80 +

During a refill process, all overgrown lash extensions are removed and replaced with a new extension. Any lashes that have shed off will also be replaced. At BeeQ Salon and Spa, we aim to keep you at your original volume. When returning for your refill this will be the ideal time to upgrade from your original set.


Eye Makeup $35 +
Makeup Application $85 +
Eyelash Strip Add-on $20
Bridal Makeup Application $150 +

Spray Tan

Natural Norvell™ formulas offer a beautiful and instant bronze with a smooth transition to a natural-looking tan.

Bronzed Infusion and Blackout are the newest rapid rinse solutions to hit the tanning market. They contain additional moisturizers and anti-aging, collagen-boosting matrixyl®, which leaves your skin soft. Clients love the golden tones and the longer-lasting tan. (Premium solutions are created with the Natural Color Complex, infused with natural ingredients to protect and nourish skin for just-off-the-beach-color. Premium solutions are offered as gradual tans, instant cosmetic bronzers with extended tans).

Venetian Solutions

Designed to match skin colors found on the beautiful beaches of the European Riviera. Best-selling, proprietary sunless formula created with VIO-7™, a unique blend of anti-orange bronzer pigments, designed to counter an unwanted orange undertone for a natural-looking tan. Offered as instant cosmetic bronzers with extended or rapid tans.This solution is kept on your skin for 12-24 hours before the first rinse. The color is fully developed after 24 hours. The tan will generally last 5-10 days.

Black out

Designed for bodybuilders and anyone who wants to accentuate specific areas of the body.

Consultation: We offer a color consultation with every client prior to the spray session so that everyone achieves their desired color. We have years of experience in the spray tanning business and pride ourselves on providing every customer with their individual and customized look.

PH Balancing Spray: We first apply a PH Balancing prep spray. This spray acts as a primer to your skin's surface and boosts the amino acid levels, hydrates your skin and locks in the DHA coloring for maximum color results. This step is included free of charge with all our spray tans. (This is an upcharge at many salons.)

Packages can be shared and expire in 6 months.

Spray Tan

How to Prepare

Preparation is EXTREMELY important to assure the success of your bronzing session. Please text us if you have any questions.

Shower and exfoliate prior to your spray tanning session using a loofa to remove dead skin cells. Be sure to scrub known dry areas such as neck, elbows, feet and ankles. Use shower gel and not bar soap (especially Dove soap). All lotions, perfumes, deodorants, previous bronzing, makeup or other toiletries must be removed from the skin before a session. Have all your spa services done prior to spray tanning.


Attire is whatever you are comfortable with. Many things can be done to minimize tan lines. We require all-male clientele to wear underwear or bathing suit. Thanks for your cooperation.


What to bring:


· Dark-colored bathing suit (or your garment of your choice). You can wear as little or as much as you are comfortable with.


· Dark, loose-fitting clothing to be worn after your tanning session


· Towel for your car


· Loose shoes or flip flops


· Umbrella and protective clothing during inclement weather


Tight-fitting clothes can hinder tanning results. If you take your bra off when you are getting sprayed, we do not recommend that you put it back on immediately after. If you need to put a bra on after your spray tan, we DO NOT RECOMMEND sports bras; however, we do recommend putting your bra on the loosest strap with the bra straps tucked in. Plan not to get wet, exercise or perspire for 8 to 12 hours. After that time, the product can be showered off and normal activities can be resumed. You will feel a little sticky immediately after your tan until your first shower. This is normal. You will see some color washing off the first time you shower. This is just the surface color that was applied.


Tanning Color Development Times


With the new technology in sunless tanning, you can have a dark, non-orange, natural-looking tan within 12 hours of application. Your tan will last about 5 to 7 days (up to 10 days for some people) if properly cared for. We also sell aftercare products to help maintain and touch up your bronzing for an even longer-lasting tan.



Lash Lift $75 +
Eyebrow Tinting $25
Eyelash Tinting $30


Swedish Relaxation Massage

This is a gentle massage where we use smooth gliding strokes to provide peak relaxation while using lighter pressure.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep massage where we work to release muscle tension using slow, deep strokes, and friction. This massage is helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and sore shoulders.

30 Min $45
60 Min $85
90 Min $105